Projects and Partners

Many of our customers do not want us to elaborate on the solutions we have provided but please consider the following facts:


We have been performing advanced unmanned aircraft design work since 1987

Special Operations

Our products have been used by Special Operations Forces from over a dozen countries globally

Forensic Data

The forensic data performed by the solutions we source feed the worlds intelligence community daily

Research Studies

We have lead NASA and NOAA missions with small <25Kg unmanned aircraft to study the planet’s climate change and its affects for over a decade


We have conducted 100’s of missions around the globe, operating from deep in the Arctic Ocean to equatorial latitude missions in civil, scientific, and hostile environments

Oil and Gas Operations

Tier 1 Oil and Gas producers have relied on our technology for advancing their production and transportation business segments on 3-continents

Unmanned and Undersea

The unmanned undersea equipment we supply has been deployed in every ocean for both civil and military purposes

Airborne Threat Tracking

With the new threat of small unmanned aircraft, we are leading efforts to employ airborne imaging to track and engage the threats and partnering with others to provide both soft and hard kill options to our customers

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