Necessity Systems:

We take pride in delivering custom solutions

Our team specializes in pulling together technical solutions from standard products that need a touch of customization to meet your requirements and market demands.


We solve market specific challenges the world over.
Our team’s multi-disciplinary engineering backgrounds have provide novel solutions in the following arenas:

drone sky
Unmanned Systems airborne and underwater
Advanced Communications Systems
Airborne and Space Based Precision Imaging
drone defense
Drone Defense (Counter Drone)

Our Mission

Translating a problem or challenge into an integrated system that maximizes mission impact.


Our Service

After accepting your challenge we perform worldwide market research to source the components to create an appropriate solution. Once we have the foundation aligned we provide that last bit of customization necessary to deliver the vision.

Our Specialization

We have applied our experience worldwide in multiple market segments including:

Oil and Gas Upstream


Military Operations

Civil Government Security

Scientific Community Research

Intelligence Community Interoperability

Our Challenge To You

Let us show you how we will get more out of your resources.

Necessity Systems

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